Friday, January 05, 2007

The Most Dangerous Man

Sapient Ingraham copy

Is Brian Sapient the most dangerous man on the internet? Judging from his appearance on Laura Ingraham's radio talk show, he must be. First thing's first: who is Brian Sapient and if he's so dangerous why haven't you heard of him? Sapient is the leader of the Rational Response Squad (RRS), an online-based, free-thinking Atheist network, and the reason his name hasn't crossed your path is, well, because he's the leader of a free-thinking Atheist network. Sapient employs rather radical methods in order to convey his position. One such tactic is The Blasphemy Challenge. Here he encourages people to record themselves denying the existence of the Holy Spirit (immediately branding them a heretic in the eyes of God and exiling them from Heaven for eternity) in exchange for a free "The God Who Wasn't There" DVD.

Ingraham, sighting a potential opportunity to embarrass someone with a differing epistemological viewpoint, invited Sapient on her show. Her nasty, trifling interview is good theater but prosaic commentary. Sapient revealed the show's most remarkable defense mechanism on the RRS message boards, and it speaks volumes about the way verbose pundits hobble their guests and can control dialogue. As Ingraham attempted to roil Sapient with a few below-the-belt jabs ("Why don't you get a real job?") the producer, according to Sapient, was in his other ear forbiding him to defend himself. When Brian defied the producer's command Sapient's mic was clipped and Laura stated her conclusions unchallenged.

While Sapient broadcasts for over an hour each week on RRS, giving equal platform to Reverends, youth pastors and garden-variety believers, one must ask why does Laura Ingraham hate free speech? I am a firm believer in John Stuart Mill's philosophy of total inclusion when it comes to what we admit into popular discussion and the more points of view on such an important topic the better. With this approach the meritless ideas will, over time, shrivel and fade, and truth will reveal itself against the dull backcloth of falsehoods. The idea being reality is quite persuasive (when was the last time you underwent a blood-letting?). So, I ask, what is so dangerous about Sapient's message?

The highlight from the show: Laura presents Sapient with Pascal's Wager, asking if there is a God isn't it better just to believe because if Sapient is wrong he's going to suffer forever, but if he's right nothing is gained. Sapient counters, Socrates-like, by asking her in which God should one believe: Yahweh or Allah? Laura, without skipping a beat, delivers a pot shot and asks Sapient "So, what does your girlfriend do?"

Check out the full 15 minute interview.
Rational Response Squad
"The God Who Wasn't There"
"The Laura Ingraham Show"


Brian Sapient said...

I have google alerts on my name, and this popped up tonight. Thank you very much for the fair blog post. I hope you don't mind I'm going to repost and link to it from my site, so you may have some visitors.

Do you mind if I ask which side of the theistic fence you lean on?

In Reason,

- The Most Dangerous Man on the Internet

(or should that be the most dangerous "him" on the internet?) :P

Anonymous said...

The Most Laziest Man on the Internet, Brian Sapient, who relies on his girlfriend and family members for his organization, got whipped on the show in my humble opinion. BK gives his take on the show. Anyway, I hope more and more people listen to the audio clip. Sapient sounded like a wannabe apologist for atheism on the show. He wanted to shine but he forgot the light bulb.

Allison Browne said...

Frank Walton, is it possible you to lay off the snide comments and discuss an issue for a change? I noticed when I typed "atheismsucks", your website, I get you calling Mormons dogs. Now why, pray tell, should we take anything you say seriously? In fact a brief visit to atheismsucks is all one needs to see that you are a petty, childish, uneducated person. Clean up your act Mr. Walton.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Allison,
I'm a Christian but Frank Walton and his antics make me want to vomit.
There are real apologists out there who revert to name calling, and personal attacks. There are some who believe Frank Walton is really an atheist, and that his site atheismsucks is nothing more than a parody site. I couldn't have said it beter. Mr. Walton, please clean up your act.

Corey Washington said...

I used to go to the same church as Frank Walton. We all pretty much thought he was gay, or at the very least very, very effeminate, plus he was always quite silly, yet had no sense of humor. His parents have a bit of money, and they always seemed a bit embarrased that he always did so poorly in school. I think he's a bit mentally challenged; he just always came across kind of dumb. I don't mean that in a mean way. He could toilet and feed himself. But I remember his folks got him a job as a target greeter/bag boy/guy who brings a big item to your car on a flat cart. He did help me get my big TV in my Honda by cutting it out of the box. I haven't seen him there for awhile. He still lives with his parents and the college he's attending is one of those bible correspondence things. I wouldn’t be surprised if he's got a doctorate by now; too bad he can't spell or use the English language.
I wish he'd find something else to do. He really is an embarrassment to his folks

Anonymous said...

Personally, I don't understand why anyone even cares about this Frank Walton guy. He's obviously a tool. I wouldn't trust this clown to properly mow my lawn.

Frank Walton said...

This is the kind of crap I have to deal with. I'm sure BS, what an ironic initials, has got all of his plagerising buddies following me were'ever I go. Hey Brian, you lazy creep, why don't you read the Bible? Oh I guess you forgot to include that one in your research. You are lazy. And no I don't work at target anymore. And I'm not gay numbnuts. And so what if I'm taking corrospondance courses? At least I'm in college and don't have to mooch off me girlfreind. I've challenged you to debate but you keep running. You are known for running, now your known for mooching. Great job BS. You suck.

Anonymous said...

naw, you're gay.

frank walton said...

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Ted Bell said...

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I would stay away from Franks Mom though, I still got a rash.

Guy with big scratches on his dick said...

Word on the street is Frank gives a rather toothy blowjob.

Anonymous said...

Thats the funniest thing i've ever read!

Brian Sapient said...

Whoever is giving Frank a taste of his own medicine, I must tell you it's hilarious. Kudos!

Brian Sapient said...

I would challenge Frank to a debate but I'm too much of a pussy. I'm too scared to fight people like Frank. Maybe I should get my sugar momma girlfriend to fight him.

Frank Walton said...

Cause I'm franky-no-debate-Walton, I suck only Christian penis.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian,

I'll be sure to tell my readers that you are supporting a known racist who openly called me "nigger" and "fag" plenty of times. By saying "kudos" to Ted Bell it conveys that you are supporting him. Thank you for giving me more fuel for the fire!



Anonymous said...

Your readers come to your site to see a train wreck. Are you a nigger? Are you a Fag? What difference does it make when you have the holy spirit in your wallet. Why don't you stop being such a baby. If you can dish it out, and personally I think you could dish it out quite a bit more cleverly than you do, you need to learn to take it Beverly Hills nigger.

Frank Walton said...

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