Monday, June 12, 2006

In recent weeks the Ku Klux Klan has experienced an upsurge in their numbers. The reason for this sudden boost can be found stringing barbed wire across fence posts on America's southern border. It's no secret the "minute men" have attracted the attention of many greasy characters, including the nefarious members of the KKK and like-minded Neo-Nazi groups. Through public demonstrations such as anti-immigration marches racists piggyback their less palatable positions on this hot button issue. While conservatives smokescreen the debate by nit picking about illegals being called "immigrants" instead of the preferred designation of "aliens" in print and on television the truth is best obtained through what is omitted. At best illegal immigrants are portrayed as parasitic and at worst, pernicious. A few facts that have failed to surface as a sufficient rebuttal to the tide of hysteria: 40% of illegal immigrants crossed the border legally but became illegal by allowing their visas to expire, the unemployment rate rises and falls regardless of illegal immigration, NAFTA is the primary force pushing Mexicans into America. By squelching informed national discourse on this issue the barrier partitioning the majority of diversity-embracing Americans and head-in-the-sand racists is deteriorating. Therefore it should not be surprising that a gradual increase in anxiety benefits hate groups who are animated by such imaginary fears.

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