Monday, July 03, 2006

Let's keep track of all the things Ann Coulter is, ready? She is a: chauvanist, racist, defamer, dogmatist, reactionary, hypocrite and blowhard. Now, here's a new title to add to that list - plagarist. As it turns out, not only did Ms. Coulter fail to pass a simple once over by a digital iThenticate program, used by high school teachers and college professors to catch cheaters, but several of her columns aren't completely legit either. In her new book three whole passages are lifted word-for-word from other sources. Guess it's like they say, the only thing worse than a right-wing demagogue is an uninspired right-wing demagogue.


Ming said...

She drives me into rants, so I usually ignore her, close my eyes and hope she goes away.

It's funny because there's another female author with her last name that writes fiction and I recently overheard some people mention that author's name and not Ann's, but I wasn't thinking and probably shot them a look of death because I thought they her praising her stupid ass. Then I realized five minutes later they were talking about the other one and I felt kind of bad.

Dana said...

I was so happy to see that the crashing decline of Ann Coulter has begun. Only people with huge egos think they're smarter than everyone else and won't get caught at their dirty tricks. If anyone needs a public humiliation it's her, and she's way overdue.