Friday, October 20, 2006

A terrifying piece of nostalgia

Election 2006The RNC is taking an interesting approach. Unlike the jelly-spined Democrats, God's Own Party is making a controversial stand against letting America blow up. They're dusting off the yellowing pages of the script used for the (in)famous "Daisy" ad L.B.J ran against his opponent, Goldwater, in the 1964 Presidential Election. Republicans debuted the latest, and most antagonistic, attack ad on their site this month, then, due to popular demand, it went nation-wide. Entitled "The Stakes," it features quotes from such esteemed Democrats as Al-Zawahiri and bin Laden (who, if you watch Fox News, is the DNC Chairman) threatening to blow America six ways to Sunday.

The Foley scandal denuded the Republicans of their moral high ground and, thanks to Olbermann's three-part expose, David Kuo's book, Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction, turned some heads. Now, all that is left is that old chestnut - fear. Remember: Watch the ad. Piss yourself. Vote Republican. See you at the polls.

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