Sunday, November 05, 2006

Who's Rae Vogeler?


Up here in the frozen tundra the most media attention is being placed on the 8th Congressional Race between Gard (R) and Kagen (D) and the Gubernatorial Race between Doyle (D) and Green (R), but virtually no time is being spent on the Senatorial Race between incumbent Herb Kohl (D) and his challengers Robert Lorge (R) (who is as sweet as he is insane) and Green Party candidate, Rae Vogeler. The chief reason not a lot of press is devoted to this race is because Kohl's challengers are weak, he's able to surpress their message with his campaign funds (Herb Kohl is one of the richest members of the Senate).

It's a real shame too because Vogeler's message needs to be adequately weighed in the marketplace of ideas. In Kohl we get a Democrat in name only (DINO). He is a millionaire many times over and owns the Milwaukee Bucks, he's voted to make it easier for Credit Card companies to declare backruptcy, he voted to give oil companies billions of dollars and has never shown any anger toward the Iraq War or how it's been conducted. With Democrats like these who needs Republicans?

First off, one could probably guess from her party affiliation how she feels about oil companies. But with the state of the environment and according to this latest report, unless somebody aggressively fights the country's fossil fuel addiction not only will the planet undergo irreversible climate change the effects on the economy will be devastating. On Iraq, Vogeler has stated what everybody knows, but a handful of candidates are saying, that our occupation of the region inflames radicalism consequentally endangering our troops, our homeland, our way of life and is basically the most counterproductive activity our country could be engaged in if we're serious about national security.

What's most intriguing about Vogeler is her socio-economic status. She's a mother of two and resides squarely in the middle class, unfortunately this will prove to be her fatal flaw. In order to rise to any position of political power in America you need to have millions of dollars and spend hours with your handlers so they can sanitize your image. Vogeler doesn't appear to want any of it. She's all about the quality of her ideas and not the bulk of her billfold.

To learn more about Rae Vogeler visit her site:

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