Thursday, February 22, 2007

Today's word is cannabis


Can you say cannabis boys and girls? Author Ricardo Cortes just published a children's book called "It's just a plant" which tells the story of a little girl who finds her parents using pot. She journeys to a cannabis farm and discovers it's illegality. The book is designed to help promote discussion between parents and children about responsible drug use, but it also wants to lift the stigma currently assigned to weed, it is just a plant after all.plant1

Predictably, world-is-flat conservatives like O'Reilly misconstrue the tale as an endorsement of marijuana use instead of simply an educational tool much how closeted hate-mongers like Savage view Sex Ed as permission for premarital intercourse. The "Just Say No" mantra didn't work in the '80s and it doesn't work now, not for sex, not for junk food and certainly not for drugs. Tell the truth about drug laws, explain how the origins were racist and were simply enacted to drive Mexicans back over the border (the more things change the more they stay the same, eh?).

Read the book and decide for yourself if it is dangerous or not. Whichever conclusion you draw there is no question that it will spark a much-needed debate.

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