Sunday, March 11, 2007

FOX will eat itself

FoxNewsBill O'Reilly never met a mirror he didn't love. That's probably why he green-lit the newest segment on the Factor where he invites a "body language expert," who's probably just a college intern with glasses, to analyze his previous interview. It, of course, coalesces into a giant, two-minute stroke-off. Scarborough picked up on the bit and, after O'Reilly demeaned MSNBC for the umpteenth time on his show, blasted back with an anaylsis from his own body language guru. Apparently, according to the expert, O'Reilly displays "typical primate behavior." Well, Jiminy Christmas, I could have told you that one. Now that the punditsphere is doing interviews about interviews they've just aired, who needs to hear about Darfur, anyways? That's depressing as hell. This is the equivalent of network news eating itself.

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