Monday, April 30, 2007

Leave your Bibles at home

Comfort CameronLet's settle this silly little debate once and for all and move on to something more relevant like Rosie leaving The View - does God exist? St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine have tried to provide a definitive yes, and, judging from the fact that we're still having this conversation, they apparently failed. But you know whose names will rise far beyond the list of theologians who've attempted this proof before: Ray Comfort (Christian author) and Kirk Cameron (Mike Seaver from Growing Pains).

They believe they possess such compelling evidence of God's existence that they've challenged two atheists to a debate on Nightline. Not only that, but Comfort promises to be persuasive without drawing upon Biblical sources and not mentioning his personal faith. We're keeping it scientific here, folks. And while we're on the topic of science you know what's NOT scientific...evolution. Through the course of the debate not only will Comfort and Cameron put the kibosh on an ages-old question, but prove all you dogmatic evolutionists wrong. Sorry, every major scientist in the world, you've been placing your faith in evolution like a sucker.

Putting aside Comfort and Cameron's apparently prodigious grasp of the ungraspable, why does evolution have to be "debunked"? It is possible to maintain the concept of a divine creator and evolution simultaneously, there seems to be a meta-consciousness and self-awareness about the universe which points to something grander. Evolution generates the same solutions to different problems such as blood, bones, fur, etc. This, to those who are so inclined, is a pretty good place to start connecting God and Evolution. But keep in mind this isn't science but philosophy. I do not advocate the teaching of intelligent design in school as hard fact. It is a matter of speculation and discourse. People like Comfort and Cameron would do well to take their ideas and do with them what the natural world does automatically. Evolve.

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