Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Stop wasting our time!

Senate Iraq DebateSo I'm an insomniac but sometimes that works to my advantage. For instance, just now I saw on ABC World News this morning the reason why we're not going to end this war with any amount of diplomacy or grace. As Congress' pajama party rages into the predawn hours I witnessed cots being rolled into Capitol Hill. Wow, our brave leaders on the Hill must mean business, going without posturepedic support for an entire night. I happen to know for a fact that Dick Durbin's sleep number is 37 and you don't want to see Harry Reid without his blanky.

It's too bad we can't send a couple of these guys to fight in the war they're trying to stop - a war most of them were so quick to approve and so slow to oppose. How fatigued will they be after their 4th consecutive deployment? Kind of makes this wank-off look hollow.

I hate to admit it but the Republicans are right. This is meaningless. The Senate needs 60 votes in order to move forward, and even then they're just spinning their wheels because between Bush's veto power and signing statements he's going to mutilate any legislation challenging his direction in Iraq. And thanks to America's biggest Dick, the Executive's poisoned tentacles have infected all orthodox channels of oversight. The neoconservative giant has grown too big, too fast.

But this deranged mammoth has feet of clay. The way to bring an end to this insanity is simple and obvious - impeachment. Obama balks at the word. And so does Schumer. Even Wisconsin's own Russ Feingold, who only last year called for a censure of the President, thinks impeachment trials would waste Congress' time. If we don't have Feingold who do we have left? In four months, the time it took to impeach Clinton, we could purge the White House of its villainous occupants and install Pelosi as President. Yeah, I know she's not much to look at, but it's what we'll have to put up with until we swear in President elect Mike Gravel. So, unless they're spending the night reading over Kucinich's articles of impeachment in anticipation of co-sponsoring it, this pizza party is just a charade.


catwhowalksbyherself said...

yes, he was before his time.

what did he think of western civilization?

he said "It would be a very good idea."

his estimation of the State of Israel was also prophetically correct.

Jen Clark said...

It does feel like we're moving backwards sometimes, doesn't it?

rich_of_spirit said...


It definitely does, and this isn't entirely Bush's doing. Bill Maher had a good point when he said Bush's incompetence is two-fold. A leader cannot be this bad for this long without the acquiescence of those he rules. Therefore Congress was complicit and, if I may be so bold, you, I and everybody who didn't protest in the streets are to blame as well. Thankfully, I firmly believe it's never too late to turn back. There's always time to stop corruption. My problem is we aren't.

Jen Clark said...

Actually, I flew out to Washington DC for the protest march on January 29th of this year (after the announcement of "the surge") and there were at least 500,000 people there. I lived in Europe when this whole Iraq bullshit started so I have a pretty good idea of what a half mil looks like.

Anyway, we did take to the streets but the administration just didn't care. Apparantly, the marches on Washington that helped to change the Vietnam War only had about 50,000 people, but the difference is that those administration's feared reprocussions of angering the people and the Congress. This one doesn't.

There is an impeachment march being scheduled for September 15th. I think I'm going to go (luckily I have earned enough credit card points for a cross-country flight). If enough of us organize now, maybe we can get this one over a million. I truly believe that the only way taking to the streets will work this time around is if we get huge numbers.

rich_of_spirit said...

You're absolutely correct. Polls and letters don't seem to be working, maybe mass demonstrations will. I applaud your efforts in protesting "the surge," and I want to join the the demonstrators in opposing this administration in September. We need to make our government fear the people not vice versa.

I Am Like You Too said...

Of all the present candidates, Mike Gravel is the most suited, of all, for the office of president of the united states of america. I'm glad you recognize that, Rich. What can we do to boost his web profile. We need to get him Ron Paul type exposure!

The people get the governement they deserve - Benjamin Franklin