Saturday, August 18, 2007

My letter to Russ Feingold

FeingoldDear Senator Feingold,

I am writing you in regards to your recent proposal to Censure President Bush. It is my view, as well as that of the majority of Americans, that this is an insufficient, and indeed a reckless, response to this national crisis. It is difficult to determine how this minute, symbolic gesture would stop the current Vampirarchy in power.

Few would disagree with the assertion that they have dismantled some of our - America's along with Western Civilization's - most cherished civil protections such as the writ of habeas corpus, our inherent right to privacy and the first amendment. I must ask, how is this any different than an elected dictatorship?

The answer is clear - impeachment. We must send a message reverberating throughout history that domestic eaves-dropping and self-authorized torture will not be tolerated by the good people of America.

Cast aside this embarrassing call for Censure. Our Republic is frittering away before our eyes. It is time to restore accountability in our once great nation. If democracy means anything to you, Senator Feingold, support impeachment.

Rich Basche

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