Saturday, January 26, 2008

Noam Chomsky: The Government in the Future

Government in the Future

Chomsky's influence on the way we think about practically everything cannot be overstated. He's been mentioned in the same breath as Aristotle and Thoreau, and has tirelessly championed the cause of the people against illegitimate authority. In this famous lecture a young(ish) Chomsky pulls back from targeting specific centers of power and defines the direction he feels societies must move in order to survive. According to Chomsky, out of the four prevalent types of governments - classical liberalism, state capitalism, state socialism and libertarian socialism - the latter is the only way humanity can achieve justice and sustainability. As always, his approach is academic, building arguments from the ground up. Love him or loathe him, this remains a work of intellectual greatness.

00 - Introduction
01- Four Possible Roles of the state in Advanced Industrial Society
02- Classical Liberalism
03- Humbolt on Human Nature and Labor
04- Marx on Human Nature and Labor
05- Humbolt's Lack of Foresight on Effects of state capitalism
06- The Third Necessary Emancipation
07- Humbolt on Human Bonds
08- Classical Liberalism Summarized
09- Libertarian Socialism
10- Socialism Predicates Anarchism
11- William Paul on Socialism
12- Revolutionary Action
13- Communist Councils
14- Libertarian Socialist Revivalism
15- U.S. Possibilities
16- A Tactical Debate
17- Anarchist Communes
18- The Problem of Power
19- A Strategic Advantage in U.S. & Russia
20- Libertarian Socialism Summarized
21- Two Arguments Against a Free Society
22- The Human Nature Argument
23- The Soulful Corporation
24- The Efficiency Argument
25- State socialism & state capitalism
26- The Political & Economic Systems of state capitalism
27- Democracy & capitalism
28- McNamara on Hierarchy
29- The Communist Threat
30- U.S. Permanent War Economy
31- The Cold War for an Ideology of Empire
32- Necessary Challenges

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