Sunday, July 13, 2008

How-to Crash the RNC Convention

A Minnesota Anarchist group called the "RNC Welcoming Committee" plans on "crashing" the Republican National Convention in September, setting up blockades and demonstrations in an attempt to prevent the delegates from entering the event. Almost on cue the local media picked up the story and added their spin. Even FOX News reported on the event. And, of course, they used everybody's favorite Anarchist stereotypes such as the threat of violence and portentous secrecy. In fact, news outlets claim the plans were "leaked" which isn't accurate as they were always available to the public. The plans were placed on the web by the group itself and their agenda remains transparent to anybody who's interested.

Take a gander at the news coverage:

And take a listen to the RNC Welcoming Committee's intentions on their radio broadcast.

As for the event itself. They are encouraging radicals, moderates, liberals, pissed-off conservatives, and warm bodies of every sort to swarm the convention, seize SPACE and engage in direct action. They will be present at the convention all four days (September 1-4). For more information check out their website:

See you in September!

We're getting ready

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