Sunday, July 12, 2009



Andrew said...

Thanks for sharing this. Here is the comment I posted in the comments section on the youtube page for this video:

I'm not a fan of the state either, for many reasons, but I do think you romanticize the pre-welfare-state world a LOT here. Before that, they still took your taxes, to pay for aristocratic indulgences, and wars...I like what you say, but I'm not convinced on your historical analysis.

Rich_Of_Spirit said...

I'm not the creator of this video so I don't know what his response will be, however, I would contend that you are right in being dubious of his historical analysis but only slightly. His point about Friendly Societies is quite valid and is a fantastic and superior model to that of the state as those Societies acted as a cultural adhesive and functioned through a voluntary basis while governments are animated by coercion. Also, his thoughts on emergent solutions should be noted.

Thanks for the counterpoint. I appreciate it.