Friday, August 11, 2006

Army World

High tuition prices getting you down? Want to take your mind off your boring, workaday existence? Kids harshing your mellow? Bring 'em down to "Army World," 125 acres of bone-crunching, shrapnel-dodging, grenade-chucking fun. This $300 million Virginia based amusement park exhibits the thrilling reality of combat, demonstrating how war is less like a video game and more like a few times around on the tilt-a-whirl. Command M-1 tanks! Defend your B-17! Subjugate an indigenous population! And don't forget, if you visit the enlistment booth before you leave the whole day is on the house. "Army World" is fun for everyone*.

*"Army World" not open to gays


Anonymous said...

what the hell

Counter Mag said...

i'd like to link your site to counter mag, is that ok?

Ming said...

Wow. Is there anything else to say? It would probably make Itchy and Scratchy land look like the Care Bears.