Monday, August 28, 2006

Top Five Favorite Dylan Songs

bobIt's time to celebrate. Today Dylan releases his first album since 2001 (incidentally this is also my mom's birthday...happy b-day, Mommy!). Like so many people before me, as well as all those people yet to come, his music carried me through my formative years, seducing me with the rollicking organ on "Like a Rolling Stone" and captivating my imagination with his kaleidoscopic narratives in songs like "Mr. Tambourine Man". If Zimmy were just a one trick pony capable of nothing more than "finger-pointing" songs, as he called them, then he would have been a curious, if somewhat stirring, aside in the story of the Sixites. Luckily, he's so much more, expressing humor, introspection, longing and, my personal favorite, biting irony.

With a catalog this expansive and with themes this varied it's truly an impossible task to ask a fan to narrow down his or her five favorite songs. So, these are my favorites for today. Ask me tomorrow or next week or in a month and this list'll be utterly different. Feel free to add your favorite Dylan songs of the day, and don't forget to wish my Mom a happy birthday.

With God on Our Side

Girl From the North Country

If Not For You

Dont think twice, It's alright

Visions of Johanna


Ming said...

Happy Birthday Rich's mom! And I can't pick a favourite Dylan song. It's torturous.

TheSirens said...

what about Not Dark Yet i think you should have put it on the list

TheSirens said...

Highway 61 Revisited?

TheSirens said...

hey its my mom's b-day too and one more I shall be released

rich_of_spirit said...

Meags...My mom really appreciates all the love. She gives you a big, wet, sloppy kiss for being such a sweetheart. What a saint she is.

The Sirens... First of all, send your mom my best. See what I mean, so many phenomenal songs to choose from. All of them you mentioned could just as easily made the list if it were just a different day, especially Not Dark Yet. What a daunting undertaking indeed.

P.S. - My mom sends you a kiss too

Anonymous said...

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