Thursday, September 21, 2006

Halliburton Selling Nuclear Technology to Iran since 1995

Halliburton IranIn the least surprising, albeit inexplicably villainous, news of the day, Halliburton has been selling nuclear technology to Iran, including components for a nuclear reactor, as early as 1995, when Dick Cheney was chief executive, and as recent as last year. This runs counter to US-imposed sanctions on this third leg of the Axis of Evil in accordance with Clinton's signing of such restrictions in March of '95 and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA).

Skirting this legal stumbling block is easy, simply generate a "shell" company based off of American soil and maintain your dealings through it. That's exactly what Halliburton did, they placed a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands, funneled millions of dollars from an Iranian company, Oriental Oil Kish (the vice chairman of which works as a developer on the Iranian nuclear program), through the Islands and into Dallas.

The analysis has been the Bush administration and Halliburton are working in tandum to enhance Iran's nuclear capabilities in order to initiate yet another war. This sounds plausible and not completely outside the realm of possibilities given recent approval of military operations inside Iran, but remember this relationship has been in place for a decade. Look at the effect governmental deregulation has had on the environment and now national security. This is just another example of corporation uber-alles. Profits trump honor. Profits trump ethics. Profits trump human life. This is the strongest proof yet that the biggest threat to our way of life is greed.

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