Sunday, September 10, 2006

The truth about 9/11 truth

twin towersFive years after 9/11 36% of Americans believe the government was complicit in carrying out the attacks. It may be chic to buy into these conspiracy theories, but I'm not quite ready to grab my tinfoil hat just yet. There's just no evidence contradicting the "official story". I've seen Loose Change and I've read and watched plenty of Alex Jones documentaries. In my mind, embracing this theory gives our government more credit than it deserves.

For those of you who are not yet privy to their version of those events, in a nutshell, corrupt governmental forces, an arm of shadowy global puppeteers known as the Illuminati, launched massive attacks against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon with explosives stashed inside the former and an unmanned fighter jet punching a hole in the latter. This created an excuse to strip the nation of her civil liberties and initiate an attack on Iraq and Afghanistan. Makes for an excellent Tom Clancy novel, but serious political analysis it is not.

Why did the authors of this charade decide to include hijackers who originated from Saudi Arabia and not Iraq or Afghanistan? Is this really the most advantageous means of obtaining their ends?

Of course hardcore adherents of the "9/11 Truth Movement" rear away from the facts. I suggest you pore over as much literature disproving the events of 9/11 then visit This is an exhaustive debunking of many of their claims through official government reports, mainstream news articles and peer-reviewed scientific studies.

P.J O'Rourke said it best during his appearance on Realtime with Bill Maher when he said not even guys with PhDs have figured this stuff out how can we? The reason we take comfort in conspiracy theories is because we can say "I get it!" The real truth of the situation is that world events and international affairs depend upon class, culture, foreign policy, economics, religion, psychology and race. Besides, do you really think the administration that installed nuclear detection devices in our airports which couldn't tell the difference between nuclear material and kitty litter devised and executed these types of intricate attacks? Me neither.

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inspriring as awlays always tell it like it is!