Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Magic of Louis Theroux

For those who are unaware Louis Theroux used to have a TV show on the BBC called "Weird Weekends". This pale, gawky Englishman documents some of America's most bizarre subcultures. He embeds himself with fringe groups like the Westboro Church or blonde, Neo-nazi singing duo Prussian blue to examine their hypocrisy and reveal their humanity. Theroux's style is quirky, so even though he confronts these radical groups, confrontations which often end in awkward stalemates, these episodes also show him bowling with the Westboro Church members and journeying south of the border with renown racist, Tom Metzge. The humor of the show comes as much from Louis' inability to adapt to this unconventional way of living as it does from the subjects themselves.

Louis Theroux: The Most Hated Family in America

Louis Theroux and the Nazis - BBC - 2003

Louis Theroux Explores the Porn Industry

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Frank Walton said...

I saw the one on the phelps. Amazing. Odly enough it almost made them out to be not so bad. Shirley Phelps, even though thouroly annoyed was actually charming in a way.
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