Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Only 48 Hours to Save Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality We don't have a lot of time to save the internet. In just 48 hours the FCC stops listening to the public's thoughts on net neutrality. Without this feature of the internet youtube, guerrilla journalism and blogs (such as this one) wouldn't be possible. Last year the protections surrounding Net Neutrality expired, exposing it to attacks from major telecom companies like AT&T. If these telecommunication companies get their wish user content on the net will be replaced with corporate-generated media. This is not the time to lollygag! Visit this site and send the FCC a letter. 22,453 letters have already been sent, but the goal is 25,000 letters by Friday June 15. To learn about net neutrality click on the "net neutrality" label below.

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