Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Radiohead's 7th album is released today!

radiohead There's not too much I can add to the hype enveloping Radiohead's new LP so this'll be brief. Last night my brother and I had an In Rainbows listening party, and after a cursory listen I've got to say this is a merciful departure from the frusturating gray-ness of Hail to the Theif, implementing more snarling rock guitar and showcasing the majestic sweep of Yorke's voice. If a group even makes it to the 7th album their material is usually reheated and uninspiring, which was the downward sprial I was afraid Radiohead couldn't free itself from, but as this album proves the band has returned to the fold.

Be sure to "BUY" In Rainbows

Also, Pitchfork has a detailed "guide" to the new album.

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