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You're driving along a dark road when you're distracted by what appears to be a flight of arrows. You crash into a ravine and suffer horrible burns over most of your body. In this hour of To the Best of Our Knowledge, we'll talk to Andrew Davidson abouthis debut novel "The Gargoyle," It's been described as an "Inferno" for our time. Also, the delightfully disturbing tales of Kelly Link.


A clip from a commercial for "Dawn of the Dead" sets us up for an examination of the horror genre. Andrew Davidson is the author of "The Gargoyle." It's his debut novel and has been described as "an Inferno for our time." Davidson reads from the book and talks about it with Steve Paulson.


Richard Hand is the author of "Terror on the Air!: Horror Radio in America, 1931 - 1952." Hand describes several of the programs that made that period the Golden Age of radio and we hear excerpts from classics like "Lights Out." Also, Glenn Kay is the author of "Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide." Kay talks with Jim Fleming about his book and some of the over 300 zombie films he reviews and rates. And we hear clips, of course.


Kelly Link has published her third collection of short fiction. It's called "Pretty Monsters" and is aimed at Young Adult readers. Link talks with Anne Strainchamps about the challenges of writing for teenagers, and reads excerpts from a few of her stories.

CD copies are available at 1-800-747-7444. Ask for program number 08-09-28-B.


Books & CDs:

Andrew Davidson, The Gargoyle (Doubleday)

Richard Hand, Terror on the Air!: Horror Radio in America, 1931 - 1952 (McFarland)

Glenn Kay, Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide (Chicago Review Press/An A Cappella Book)

Kelly Link, Pretty Monsters: Stories (Viking)




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