Saturday, August 08, 2009

To The Best Of Our Knowledge: Post-Modernism



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Salman Rushdie's multi-layered novel, three types of postmodernism identified, and Stuff White People Like.

Award-winning author Salman Rushdie talks to Steve Paulson about his new novel, "The Enchantress of Florence," which features stories within stories within still other stories, along the lines of Scheherzade's stories of "One Thousand and One Nights." Rushdie also reads a few excerpts from the novel.

University of Tennessee Associate Professor Amy Elias identifies the three types of postmodernism for Jim Fleming. Elias is the author of "Sublime Desire: History and Post-1960s Fiction."

Christian Lander talks to Anne Strainchamps about his popular website, "Stuff White People Like," and the companion book, "Stuff White People Like: The Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions."

Singer/songwriter Robert Ellis Orrall talks to "To the Best of Our Knowledge" producer Doug Gordon about his fictional indie rock band, Monkey Bowl. We also hear excerpts from several songs off Monkey Bowl's new album, "Ultimate," including "Al Gore (The Musical)."

Christian Lander returns briefly to confirm with Anne Strainchamps that public radio is another thing that white people like.

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