Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Like Mike

The reason Kucinich doesn't have the cult following of a Ron Paul isn't because he's inconsistent or a babbler, but due to his lack of "media moments". Those explosive applause-worthy exchanges like the now classic Ron/Rudy horn lock. Mike Gravel is capable of these types of "moments". Take, for example, Gravel's performance at the Democratic Presidential debates when he stated bluntly that nobody who voted to authorize the use of force in Iraq is Presidential material (Hillary, Edwards he's looking at you). The 77-year-old, former Alaskan Senator comes across as a lovable old codger, grizzled with a sense of justice yet sweetly approachable. A few days ago I called for the Republicans to nominate Ron Paul, well, today I'm imploring the Democrats to greet Gravel with their nomination. Otherwise, the two should eschew the corporate system and run on the same ticket.

Paul/Gravel in '08!

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Sen. Mike Gravel at SC Debates 04/26/07

Senator Mike Gravel Visits My Dorm Room

Mike Gravel Meets Ron Paul Supporters, Requests a One-On-One Debate


vovalou said...

I like Gravel too, but I like Kucinich better.

Codedigestion said...

Mike Gravel is going to become our next President. Want to be part of that process, then join us at: