Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cursed by the "Marx" of Cain

manifestoI just bought the Communist Manifesto.

There was a time when this provocative paperback was more popular than the Bible, but now it's akin to purchasing kiddie porn.

I could feel people staring holes through me as though I were a Satanist. "Look, it's a Pinko," I heard them think. I even bumped into a friend at the book store who cautioned: "Read it; but don't let anyone see you."

To summarize the content of the Manifesto is like describing Citizen Cane -- they're so ubiquitous that everybody already knows their stories. All I ask is that we give Marx one more chance. Sure, a few asshats may have leafed through a few pages and used it to justify their inherent blood lust, but is that really Karl's fault? Besides, Marx was right. The super-rich are straddling the backs of workers, and capitalism is creating a massive chasm between the two. It's dehumanizing, alienating and, if you ask me, embarrassing.

No, I'm not a Marxist but neither was Marx. I just feel he is still ahead of his time. Capitalism replaced Feudalism as a better system, and now that Capitalism has worn out its welcome something needs to emerge and throw it on the trash heap of history. And when that day arrives maybe Marx's works won't have to come in a brown paper bag.

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"Fiesty" FistoTclown said...

You are certainly right about throwing out the tattered remains of a system that no longer works. I think that others feel the same but those that are effecting changes as we breathe now are not acting in the better interest of the general population I fear.

Knowing that Marxism is an ideal and ideals seldom yield fruit in the world outside of textbooks and the halls of academia, we are at an apex of time where something must change. I try to avoid pessimistic views but in this day and age its hard to discern the difference between pessimism and realism.

The real choices that lie before us are difficult at best. This is a time that forward thinking individuals must set aside biases and labels to seek solutions as matters have reached a critical mass.

Manifesto's will not level the playing field of the chasm between wage slavery and the elite...historically that has only come about through upheaval and chaos and the complacency of this nation cannot accept those terms...not yet anyway.

Get yourself a trench-coat to hide those taboo books under because this is only the beginning.See you on the other side.