Wednesday, November 21, 2007

This is why I love Emma Goldman

Who doesn't love Emma Goldman? She was the personification of an iconoclast, heralding the virtues of atheism and free love in front of Christian audiences, condoning the use of birth control during the first years of the 20th Century (when it was still illegal) and routinely accepting jail time over paying fines just out of principle. But these aren't the reasons why I love Emma Goldman.

Early in life she decided she didn't want to have children. Instead, Emma became a midwife, an adorable profession to be sure, but Emma didn't lose her subversive streak. She claimed with each baby she pulled into this world she would bring its soft head up to her lips and whispered the first word it would have ever heard into its tender ear: "Rebel!"

That is why I love Emma Goldman.




Jenna Raby ( said...

Rich, well done. Love this post.
Drop me a line and let me know how you found Emma Golden. We'll be bringing a to your neck of the woods soon.

Best and keep goin'


handel said...

Rich your a goof but I liked your post. Reading nothing from no-nothings always is encouraging.
Yet makes me sentimental for the days when I was an ignorant "twenty something"....sigh.



Rich_Of_Spirit said...


Thank you for that backhanded compliment. I, like you, like most everyone, have an opinion as humble and incomplete as it may be. That's one of the purposes of this blog -- to keep searching and share my findings with others regardless of whether or not they hold my view.

I like to promote intelligent discourse. If you want to bring up a topic please do so. A lively discussion is always welcome. But don't discount me because I'm a "twenty-something". I've read a book or two in my few days on Earth, and feel my opinions can be factually supported.