Monday, April 27, 2009

Stop me if you've heard this one

old-man-with-cane1An old anarchist lays wheezing on his death bed, and both his family and his in-laws are in the room at the foot of his bed. The dying anarchist has married into a radically religious family who, at this moment of expiration, insist upon bringing in a lawyer to finalize his last will and testament and a priest who will bless him before he passes on. Much to the shock and dismay of his family the old anarchist agrees with his in-laws and a lawyer and a priest are summoned.

As they approach the dying man first the lawyer crouches down and asks, "What are your final wishes?" The anarchist maintains his quiet and his family groans in disapproval while his in-laws glow with joy. The priest takes one step closer and whispers, "You are about to meet your maker, my son, is there anything you want to tell me before you enter the hereafter?" The anarchist's family is struck speechless and his in-laws begin dabbing the tears from their faces as the old anarchist speaks, "I want the lawyer on my right side and the priest on my left."

The two men comply with his wishes and flank the old man. With his final breath the old anarchist shouts in a voice that echoes throughout the hospital: "I am dying like Christ Jesus himself -- between two thieves!"

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