Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vaccinations: The Silent Killer?

syringeI won't keep you in suspense for long -- the answer is an emphatic, unequivocal no! Vaccinations will not kill you. Vaccinations will not give your kid autism. Vaccinations are not harmful. It's hard because parents want what's best for their children, this is commendable. But don't listen to Alex Jones or Jenny McCarthy they're not going to raise your kids. Hell, don't even listen to me. Pay attention to the literature and listen to those who really know what's going on.

First of all there's no statistical link between the number of vaccinated children and the percentage of children who contract autism. 77% of kindergartners have been vaccinated while a mere 1% of that age group have autism. Also, one of the big concerns is the mercury content. This fear is completely unfounded. The mercury levels inside vaccinations are lower than your average plate of salmon or a cup of cold, refreshing water direct from the tap. What do you think about that Ms. McCarthy?


If you're wondering what makes this stuff poisonous, it's not the individual element which determines toxicity but the dosage. Quantity, folks, it is all about quantity. A good way of putting it is -- complaining that vaccines have polyethylene glycol in them is like complaining that "salt has chlorine in it." (source)

Unlike other conspiracy theories like the Moon landing hoax and 9-11 "Truthers" this isn't just annoying it is dangerous. How many frightened parents avoided vaccinating their children only to have it end tragically? The "research" to come out on the anti-vaccinations side is as unscientific as it comes. Show me a controlled, double blind, peer reviewed study or two and then we can talk.

This is just the beginning. For much, much more check out this episode of QuackCast: Let's kill the children or a defense of vaccines And if you have anymore time after that have a listen to the latest episode of the Conspiracy Skeptic: The Vaccine Conspiracy


Anonymous said...

well i think Jenny won this one sorry
lol but this was a good read thanks

Rich_Of_Spirit said...

T&A is hard to trump, maybe that's the problem. People have been hypnotized by Jenny McCarthy's sweater benders. Oy vey!

Anonymous said...

Great blog.

And if "Jenny won this one", all she's won is a place in the celebrity moron hall of fame.

Some great sources:

Rich_Of_Spirit said...

Thanks for the links. This vaccination topic is quite essential for people to understand. It means the difference between living a complete, healthy, modern life or dying young like in the dark ages. People need to know the facts.