Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Breakfast with a side of pills

Rush Food Drugs Yum! copy Earlier today on Rush I heard the greatest thing since the advent of two ply. He took a call after ranting for the last twenty minutes about Hillary Clinton's hair style or some such nonsense. The caller proceeded to inquire about Rush's military service.

The caller said: "I wanted to speak to you about your time in the military"
Rush: "Uh, okay. Go ahead."
Caller: "Which branch of the military did you serve in?"
Rush: "I've never served in the military."
Caller: "Is that because they don't accept fatasses and dope fiends?"

After that comment the caller didn't stick around too much longer, but that was enough to make Rush livid! He shrieked about how those people won the election and they're still angry and how the caller along with godless lefties can't do talk radio and how they lower the level of political discussion to name-calling. What a feeble reply to a stellar zinger.

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