Tuesday, January 16, 2007

When the clock strikes twelve...

Doomsday Clock Here's more proof that everything is just hunky dory. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, the collective who operates the Doomsday Clock, have decided to make an adjustment. The concept of the Doomsday Clock is that midnight represents the destruction of mankind, right now it's set at seven minutes before midnight. Taking into consideration "worsening...climate threats" and fears of a "second nuclear age" brought about by Iran's and North Korea's worrisome pursuit of the bomb, it's unknown where the scientists are going to place it, but it's safe to assume things aren't looking promising. The last modification was back in 2002 when the clock was eased ahead from ten minutes to it's current position. Since 1947, when the clock was built, it was set at seven minutes to midnight and has been altered 17 times since then. The closest being two minutes away from striking twelve during hydrogen bomb testing between the U.S. and the Russians in 1953, and the furthest away from Armageddon was seventeen to in 1991 when a nuclear arms reduction agreement was attained.

Digital Doomsday Clock

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