Thursday, January 11, 2007

Is that a knife in your pocket?

Knife WhitehouseNow that our democratically elected President - you know, the one 51% of our voting populace surrendered a second term to - officially called for 21,500 additional troops we can all breath a sigh of relief. For those of you who believed so strongly in this war against religious extremism and want to kick some Islamo-facist keister we have a uniform in your size waiting at your local recruitment center. But for the rest of us things are looking sort of dodgy. At first I was ecstatic when I learned the Democratic Party (or, according to Bush, the "Democrat" Party) had seized both houses of Congress, but now I'm not so sure a celebration was in order.

In the coming weeks we'll see if my victory strut was premature or in vain. Bravo Dems for aggressively pushing the miniumum wage increase through the House, however, it doesn't take Mother Teresa to figure out people need a sensible living wage. Beyond that no-brainer I have my doubts as to their political potency. Pelosi swore off impeachment proceedings right out of the gate, which isn't as submissive as one might think. Impeachment would be a dead end, not enough Senators would ratify the motion. How a President could have been this wrong for this long about everything - and I'm not being hyperbolic - and not garner a groundswell of antipathy I'll never know. Oversight hearings, on the contrary, is just what the doctor ordered, and Democrats have scheduled a number of them. The true test will be the level of competency these hearings are conducted with, remember it wasn't impeachment but hearings that toppled Nixon's administration.

And as for the Iraq escalation, they plan on exercising their power of the purse by denying Bush the Benjamins. Be strong Democrats, the Republicans will call you mean names like "Traitor" and "Freedom-hater" but the truth is preventing more lives from being lost to Presidential vanity or stubborness or philistinism is genuinely patriotic.

The question is do the Democrats have the bulbous cajones to accomplish this? Well, Malcolm X said that Republicans will take a fifteen inch knife and put it in your back while the Democrats will see that knife and pull three inches of it out. Is this justice?

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