Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Thumb Jig Update!

Earlier this month I pontificated about the effectiveness of the newly-elected Democratic majority and sadly my apprehensions have been confirmed. After some huffing and puffing from Nancy Pelosi, which actually had the oil execs wetting themselves, when it came down to brass tax the lobbyists had their day. She swore to slash subsidies granted to top oil companies within the majority's first 100 hours...sounds like the bee's knees, right? Unfortunately, only $5.5 Billion of an approximate $32 Billion had been lopped off the subsidies and tax breaks earmarked for big oil in the coming five years. Also, a three-point give-away bill was proposed, and after some hemming and hawing two of the three items were passed.

With all of these tax breaks as well as this welfare being thrown at well-to-do mega-conglomerates one has to remember what dad said right after you asked for a twenty spot: "You goddamn money-milker, what do you think, money grows on trees?" This cash isn't being yanked out of limbo it's coming from you and me. We're paying for those outrageous corporate pensions, golfing junkets and Swedish rubdowns. All the while we're supposed to believe that a $1.99 is a fair price to pay for gasoline. Either have us fork over more lettuce and strengthen our energy autonomy or give us gas for dirt cheap. It just goes to show you corruption is bipartisan.

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